There has been a significant gap in postings because David and Sarah have just had a holiday of a lifetime, visiting The Falklands and South America.  David has a lot of photos to process but below are a few images captured on The Falklands.  These show (from top left): Stanley; Gypsy Cove; Carcass Island; Black-browed Albatrosses displaying; Gentoo Penguin 'surfing'; Elephant Seals sparring.
David will post more photos from this trip in the coming days but will have many more for putting into a talk that he is planning with Sarah.  There has been a great deal of interest in this trip from friends and other photographers who have an interest in The Falklands for a variety of reasons.  The islands truly are magical for wildlife.
Today David saw three roe deer in a field near Townshend.  He stalked one of them, a young buck, and took a few photos using the Canon 5D Mark IV and a 300mm lens with 2 x converter, hand held.  This was quite a confiding individual, hopefully it might frequent the same spot in coming days.
David hasn't been out doing much photography of late because of the relentless rain but here are a couple of photos that he has just processed from a backlog of files.  Daisy with dew: shows some beautiful details in the dew drops (actually rain drops!).  On the right is a snow bunting: there have been a few of these in Cornwall this autumn.
David has been awarded the Women's Institute shield for his contribution to speech, arts and photography in Cornwall for the year 2019. 
This lovely shield will take pride of place on his mantlepiece for the year.
After his talk at The Poly in Falmouth David has received many emails congratulating him on his new book.  One person wrote: "You’re truly an inspiration, and we are so very lucky to have you taking the time that you do to research and create such informative local pieces, which not only help to inspire us to get out and explore our surroundings more, but which crucially inspire us to care about these precious places and the nature which we are so fortunate to have living alongside us."
Yesterday (12th November) David had two talks but found time to visit Trebah Garden in the afternoon.  The light was lovely and there was still some autumnal colour despite all the strong winds of late.  These images will be put forward for use in Trebah calendars in future years.  If you want to buy one of David's calendars of Trebah Garden for 2020, it isn't too late, just pop into the garden shop (you could even buy some of his cards!)
David visited Pendeen Watch on 3rd of November.  There were a few moments of good light, looking along the coast towards Geevor.
David's long-awaited new book has now been printed.  'Where to Watch Wildlife in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly' is now available from the publishers (Tormark) so if you want a copy please order one from your local bookshop; price £8.95; ISBN 9780850252002

This book describes almost a hundred locations across the county that are good for wildlife of various sorts.  It gives all the details you need to visit and see some very special flowers, insects, birds and mammals.
Look out for two magazine covers this month (November 2019).  On the cover of the Caravan and Motorhome Club Magazine is David's photo of Greenburrow Engine House (below left) and on the cover of Cornwall Life is a shot that David took of Port Isaac at dusk (below right). 
Below is a photo taken in Godolphin Woods on a misty October morning; to the right is a common stinkhorn fungus: this species attracts flies which spread its spores.
David has just spent some time on The Wirral, below are shots of: a flock of knot; a flock of oystercatchers (both taken on the Dee Estuary); a view of Little Eye (one of the two small islands on the way out to Hilbre Island) and a roost of redshank at West Kirby.
David's calendar for Cornwall Hospice Care, 2020 is now being sold in all Cornwall Hospice Care shops around the county.  Please support this important charity by purchasing one.
David and Sarah have just spent a fortnight on the Isles of Scilly.  David has been experimenting with an underwater housing for his DSLR, these are some of his first shots and show: a well-camouflaged common goby; grey seal; juvenile pollock and a shore crab.  The two photos on the left were taken with a 100mm macro lens; the two on the right were with a 16 to 35mm lens.  Thanks to Jo Clegg for her help in identifying some species, see more of her photos at:
David has had a busy few days.  Above and below are shots taken in St Ives.  Above right is Lanyon Quoit at night; left is Chun Quoit on a windy evening and below left are some hornets flying around their nest.
On the 3rd of September David went along to help Becky Curtis with her WI phone photography day, which was a great success.  He went for sunrise and stayed until the harbour went into the shade in the evening.  The picture on the right was taken early in the morning with a long exposure; the two below were taken in the early evening.
David took Cornwall Wildlife Trust Photo Group to Windmill Farm for a day of photographing dragonflies and other insects.  Here is a selection of four photos of common darters taken on the day.  From top left: a pair in mid-flight; a female photographed early in the morning with dew; a pair egg-laying and finally a newly-emerged individual.
A few weeks ago David's attention was taken by a swimming caterpillar in his pond.  On closer inspection there were a lot of them eating bogbean which looked quite devastated.  David reared some of these caterpillars to check their identity.  They were gold spot moths and very beautiful too.  You will be pleased to know that the bogbean is now recovering.
David's latest article for Nature TTL has been published, this one is on the rules of composition, follow this link to see his articles:
David and Sarah had a week away in their van on The Roseland.  Here is a crop pattern near Portscatho and a hummingbird hawkmoth in Portscatho (their wings beat 85 times per second!)
Here are a couple of dragonfly photos taken this month.  A female keeled skimmer in dew and a male beautiful demoiselle (look closely and you will see another winged insect hitching a ride on the back of the demoiselle!)
Are you looking for inspiration for what to photograph in summer?  Then read David's article on the Nature TTL website here: 
Since David got back from Hungary he has spent some of his time photographing green woodpeckers in his meadow where he has also photographed the young rabbits.
David spent a week in Hungary with friends at the beginning of July.  He took many photos of which only a small selection is viewable below: bee-eater; crossbill; greenfinches; great crested grebe with young; hoopoe; little owl; otter with perch; squacco heron; red-backed shrike; tree sparrow. 
David's latest article for NTTL has been published, this one is on long exposures in landscape photography.  To see the article, and his others, follow this link: 
Two visits to West Pentire in the last week offered two quite different weather conditions.  The poppies and corn marigolds are looking splendid!
David and Sarah have had a few weeks away in the motorhome.  They visited The Chilterns, The Cotswolds and Salisbury.  The weather wasn't always great!  Here are a few photos taken on the trip.
From top to bottom, left to right we have: hoary plantain at Winterbourne Downs; Temple Island, near Henley; Monkey x Lady Orchids; Adonis Blue butterfly on common spotted orchid; Hambleden Lock; Henley; Henley; Salisbury Cathedral; Arable Farmland near Salisbury; Brown Hare; Bee Orchid; Common Spotted and Hybrid Orchids; Lower Slaughter and Upper Slaughter in The Cotswolds.
David and Sarah have many pairs of blue tits and great tits nesting in boxes around their smallholding but they also have one pair utilising a natural hole in an old holly tree.
David has started to contribute articles to naturettl.  So far he has written two, follow this link to see them:
The broad-bodied chasers, which have emerged from David's pond, are now mating and laying eggs.  Below you see a male; the female flying and egg-laying and the eggs.
David has been busy photographing spring flowers in various parts of Cornwall.  Here are four recent images showing gladioli (whistling jacks) with Logan Rock; bluebells at Wheal Owles (Poldark's mine); oxeye daisies at Kynance Cove; thrift at Bedruthan Steps.
An evening in Penzance to see the Scillonian coming in, also saw some lovely summer plumaged male turnstones at Battery Rocks.
It has been a great year for plants in David and Sarah's pond, below are bogbean and common water crowfoot.
Springtime in Cornwall means lots of colourful wildflowers.  Here are some bluebells, spring squill and thrift on the coast at Prussia Cove and Land's End.
David's mum has been staying for the last couple of weeks.  She has been keen to get out and help take photos, so here are a couple of the results as well as a couple of broad-bodied chasers encouraged to emerge from their pond in the warm spell over Easter.
David had his first moth-trapping session of the year.  Not much variety but a couple of new species.  Below you might be able to see: early grey (top left and bottom left); angle shades (top right) and Hebrew character (bottom right). 
David has just spent a week in Devon writing an article about wildlife at three locations: Stover Country Park (mostly woodland and water birds); Slapton Ley (mostly woodland, water and sea birds) and Wembury (rock-pooling).  Here are a few of the images David took, from top left: mallards landing on the lake at Stover CP; mute swan at Stover; long-tailed tit with feathers; mandarin, male displaying; Slapton Beach; coot; broad-clawed porcelain crab; Risso's crab with eggs.
David took members of Liskeard Camera Club to Tehidy for the day to lead a photographic workshop.  The photos of swans, below, were taken before the day started when the swans were actively engaged in their natural behaviour.  Top right is a photo of a lesser celandine taken with a telephoto lens (one of the techniques David demonstrated) and top left is the biggest surprise of the day, a yellow-bellied terrapin (presumably an animal which was once kept as a pet). 
Thanks to Sarah Thompson for letting David have the hornet's nest which she extricated from her attic.  This nest won't be used again by the hornets but it did make an interesting photographic study.
David had a morning out with Malcolm Bishop at Trebah Garden (you can see Malcolm's images at: ).  Trebah is looking great and will continue to do so through the spring and summer.  These images might feature in David's calendars of Trebah Garden in future years.  His 2020 calendar will be on sale in the garden shop soon.
David has cover photos on Cornwall Life (national edition) and Cornwall Today in March and April 2019
David and Sarah have just spent two weeks in The Seychelles.  They spent five days on Bird Island, three days on La Digue and five on Praslin.  Between exploring the islands David managed to find time to take some wildlife photos. 
The beach at Anse Cocos, La Digue
Sarah makes friends with a giant tortoise Brown Noddies
Barred Ground Dove Crab Plovers
Brown Noddy flying low over the beach WhiteTern
Cattle Egret feeding on flies in fish market Ghost Crab with newly hatched turtle
White Tern Great Frigatebird
Madagascar Fody, male Seychelles Blue Pigeon
Noddies on a beach on Bird Island Seychelles Fruit Bat
Seychelles Black Paradise Flycatcher, female Blossom at the Botanical Gardens
Seychelles Sunbird, female Crested Tern
On the 15th of February David had a day out with friend Chris.  They started with the glossy ibis at Helston, then went to the boating lake where they saw Mediterranean and ring-billed gull, amongst others, and finished at Pentire Point with the short-eared owls and kestrels.  Below are: glossy ibis; herring gull bathing; male kestrel hovering and a compositional shot of a short-eared owl making the most of the last rays of sun on one of its perches.
David has just supplied Land's End hotel with 65 framed photos which are to be hung in their guest's rooms and some of the open spaces.  Here are two of the images chosen:
Over the last two evenings David has been to talk to St Mabyn Gardening Club and Wild Roseland group in St Mawes.  On each occasion he took advantage of the good weather to take some landscape photos nearby.  Below are two photos, one of The Rumps and one from Carne Beach, Roseland.
There have been a few glossy ibises in Cornwall this winter.  This is a bird which breeds in the Mediterranean area; most migrate to Africa for the winter but Cornwall is mild enough and we have plenty of wet grassy areas, which they like.
On Saturday 2nd of February David took a trip to The Cheesewring and took a few snowy photos.
A sunny afternoon after a period of wind and rain was a good time to visit the short-eared owls, here are a few of the photos David took today.