David and Sarah have just got back from The Canaries.  They had a walking holiday on La Gomera and for the first time ever David didn't take a camera so these photos were taken on his phone.
Below are some photos taken at Helston; the photo of the cormorant landing on the water is not the best one but it is interesting to see that it touches down with its tail first (I had always assumed it would use its feet first like a swan does).
David's photo of Kynance Cove in the snow, taken in February this year is going to be featured on the cover of Cornwall Life, December 2018.  This will feature on the cover of the national edition of Cornwall Life but not the local edition (not sure why that decision was made!).  Inside this magazine (both the local and national editions) David will tell how he planned the day and took the photos which include Church Cove; Lizard Point and Kynance Cove.
David and Sarah have just come back from a trip to Scotland which included Shetland and a week on Fair Isle.  Here is a fairly random selection of photos.
David's photos have been used on the covers of Cornwall Life (October) and Cornwall Today (October and November) 2018
Earlier in the summer David visited Hungary with friends for eight days.  He has now processed the images from the trip and below are four which give a flavour of the birds seen and photographed: from left to right, hoopoe, hawfinch, nuthatch, black-necked grebe.
A couple of different photos below show a keeled skimmer taken a day or two ago complete with morning dew, on Dorset heath.  This is a focus-stacked image from seven photos.  The second photo is a whinchat which David has just re-processed.
David's photo is on the cover of the Cornwall Wildlife Trust magazine for Summer 2018 (though it has been transposed for some reason).  This badger cub was photographed on his smallholding as it came down to take a drink from a small pool that David had provided specially for them!
Last week David stayed on Rame Head in Cornwall and visited Penlee Battery Nature Reserve where he photographed marbled white butterflies.  Here are two out of the many he took.
David was invited to photograph beavers in Devon at a site where they are now found in the wild rather than in a fenced enclosure.  He took many photos of one of the kits which will form the basis for an article in a magazine next year.  Here are two of the photos.  Genuine wild beavers in the UK and they'll soon be crossing the Tamar into Cornwall!
An early morning session with a peregrine family resulted in these photos and even one of the mother carrying a feral pigeon (I'll save that one for another time!).
David has been away for several weeks and has a lot of images to pocess from his travels.  Here are a few from West Pentire in late June:
On 7th of May David re-visited Pinetum Gardens near St Austell.  The gardens are very beautiful and quite rich in wildlife, including Canada geese, but like most gardens are not easy to photograph.  He decided to stay on until almost dark to use the artificial lights to enhance the entrance and the Japanese Garden.
David has completed his next book; 'Walking around the Fal and Roseland'.  It is going to print next week.  Here is the cover.  More about this in the 'Book' section of David's website when it is published.